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Welcome to ABQ Stashbox, where we source the BEST products from all over New Mexico, from the brands we all know and love, to the Boutique offerings you might not have heard of. Our team of Cannabis Connoisseurs will tailor a box specific to your preferences, and deliver it to your door at no extra charge.


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Select your favorite Consumption method and Strains so we can have a expert personalize your box.


Add extra products to your box from our exclusive “MEMBERS ONLY” marketplace. Guaranteed to be at LEAST 10% below whole sale.


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High-Quality Products

At ABQ Stashbox, we take pride in offering a curated selection of high-quality cannabis products. Our commitment to excellence means you can expect the finest strains, carefully sourced accessories, and expertly crafted products in every Stash Box. Elevate your marijuana delivery experience with premium cannabis products that go beyond expectations.

Service Area

Whether you’re kickin’ it in the heart of the city or chillin’ on the laid-back outskirts, ABQ Stashbox is all about delivering that primo cannabis experience right to your door. We cover the entirety of the Albuquerque, NM area, even extending our marijuana delivery services out a cool 25 miles. Whether you’re located in the lively cityscape or on the fringes of the town, we’re on a mission to make sure the 505 cannabis community gets a taste of the pure convenience and quality our services bring straight to your spot. Keep those good vibes rollin’, and smoke on, friends!

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Satisfaction Guaranteed!

We know you’ll love it, but just in case…

Your satisfaction is our livelihood, so while our team aspires to curate Stash Boxes for a broad sense of tastes, preferences are bound to vary, and we are well aware of that fact.

We’ve got your satisfaction on lockdown, but if, by some cosmic twist, you’re not vibing with a product, hit us up at ABQStashbox@gmail.com, and we’ll sort you out, no worries.


Frequently Asked Questions

For those burning questions about our marijuana delivery services, check out our FAQ section. Your initial stash arrives within a week of placing your order, and subsequent boxes are delivered either the last or second weekend of the month, depending on your order date. The best part? You have the power to cancel anytime. Log into your account to easily manage deliveries by personalizing your experience to suit your needs. Our services can be paused, restarted, or adjusted at any time to best align with the needs and preferences of each user.

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